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Cuvier’s gazelle sketch

Posted in African Ungulates, Available Originals, Charles Alexander, Cuvier's gazelle, Drawings, Memphis Zoo on July 30, 2011 by Charles Alexander

The gazelle in this sketch-in-progress is a very rare and endangered one from North Africa: the Cuvier’s, also known as the Edmi. I worked with a herd of them during my keeper years– and came in one morning to discover this little calf exhibiting his hiding behavior. I got down on the ground next to him to take my reference photo. He didn’t move. Some antelope are followers immediately– like wildebeest. Others are hiders for a while, like this little one. The zebra: you can just see the left side of the composition. It is a long design of a zebra wading in a lake in the Serengeti–a long sand bar with blacksmith plovers are also part of the composition. This is the first time that I’ve showed any part of it here on FB. The painting will be quite large– this is just the thumbnail sketch to help work out the composition on paper. From my In The Studio 2011 Album:​6253&id=689647275

A link to tell you more about the Cuvier’s gazelle:​zella-cuvieri/