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Lion of Judah Giclee Canvas Now Available!

Posted in Giclee Prints, Lion of Judah, Lions on December 5, 2010 by Charles Alexander

Lion of Judah
Subject: African Lion as historical icon
Dimensions (inches): 35 x 24.5
Giclee Canvas/Paper Editions of 295

35 x 24″: $195.00 paper/$275.00 canvas

17 x 12″ (image size): $95.00 paper/$175.00 canvas

Framing/shipping not included

Description: Throughout human history the lion has served as an icon of both royal and supernatural power. In ancient Egypt the dual lion gods of Yesterday and Tomorrow protected the afterlife. The Nubian Kingdom of Kush venerated the all-powerful lion god Apedemek. In the Bible Jesus is called the Lion of Judah, a title also given to Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia. As an artist I find it fascinating to explore the lion’s deep hold upon the human psyche. This particular painting began when I encountered a lion with a natural cross or sword-like marking on his forehead– and evolved from there as I learned more about the lion’s role as a powerful symbol through the ages. While lions have served as temple guardians, talismans, and heraldic emblems of strength for centuries, today they are fast disappearing in the wild. Who now will act as the lion’s guardian?

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